6:45 AM

SUMMER HAS ARRIVED. Alright, I shouldn't get too excited. But either way, now I can wear sandals without getting any snow in my toes. I wore these sandals on vacation, but I have been so antsy to wear them more! I picked them up at DSW, and I can already tell they will get a lot of use. They pair nicely with everything, and they are the perfect amount of 90s that isn't too over the top. The only disclaimer... I walk a little odd in them. I think it's due to the fact that they are flat across your foot, but I figure I'll get used to them. Also, these JEANS. They are SO COMFORTABLE. J.Crew has been having waves of these being on sale in different washes, so keep your eye out. I was informed by a couple people that they only work if you are a little taller, and they might be right.

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend out in this weather! Happy Monday!

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