4:14 PM

I bought this jumpsuit with big plans to wear it on our honeymoon. Turns out, Italy was hot as hell and I could only wear short and light dresses (I know, poor me). Either way, I'm still excited to pull this goodie out of the closet to run around on a nice summer evening. For me, this is the perfect combo of comfort while still being sexy. It's straight up like wearing pajamas on the bottom, but still shows a little shoulder up top. My only complaint is the weird fabric gathering around my booty, but that could be a personal problem. Also, this bag. When I was in college, I made a pact with my best girl friends that when each of us got married... instead of buying each other a blender, we would buy each other a designer item. Something I thought to be funny and not actually happening, turned out to have been a GREAT idea for a silly college pact. Meet my friend, Louis. He will be joining me on lots of new adventures. Thank you to my amazing best friends and loves.

ASOS Jumpsuit (similar)// Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag // Urban Outfitters Sunglasses // J.Crew Earrings

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