tees + slip ons.

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tees, jeans, and slip ons

tees, jeans, and slip ons by theladyjaneblog

There are a lot of trends that pop up that make me feel very indecisive. Most of them have to do with any sort of remnant of my embarrassing childhood. Lately aanything that is just a bit too 90's doesn't really fly with me. I recently was reviewing a trend report for Fall with images of choker necklaces. CHOKERS, PEOPLE. Like the ones that are supposed to look like tattoos. No, thanks. I have been, however, on a hunt for some good comfy graphic tees and a pair of slip on sneaks. The slip on shoes took me a minute, I won't lie... the only thing I could picture for a while was myself in high school with checkered imitation Vans. But there is a new take on these comfy kicks. I like the quilted and cheetah options from Steve Madden. Oh, and these classic keds are a solid option too (Remember Mischa Barton's Keds campaign? Ah, the good ole days).


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