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I bought this jumpsuit years ago, right after we graduated college and my friend Lauren got a job at American Apparel and started wearing lots of sheer things (we all have phases). It's wild to me that I could go on their website today and find them carrying the exact same silhouette of this jumpsuit (Granted it is mesh, so it's not quite as tame as this jersey option. I remember visiting Lauren at work and one of her co-workers wearing that same mesh material in shirt form... with no bra. To each their own, right?). When you work at a retailer for long enough, you start to completely change your wardrobe and gravitate towards the clothes you sell. It's easy enough to do... and understandable if you get a discount! My friend Kori has been feeling that recently about her clothes, but she works for Anthropologie so she always looks adorable and I have little sympathy. Speaking of Anthropologie, how great are these bracelets? I love how delicate and pretty they are. Anyways, I'm rambling. Happy Tuesday!

American Apparel Jumpsuit (similar here) // Anthropologie Bracelets // Michael Kors Watch // Zara Heels // Jewelmint Necklace

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  1. I just had a nightmare about not wearing a bra in public. That's totally crazy that they have that jumpsuit in mesh!