red head.

6:00 AM

Well jeesh, birthdays sure are fun! A package arrived at my doorstep from my sister with this lovely Marc Jacobs clutch. What a great treat to receive... a definite staple piece for my wardrobe.  I grabbed this for a quick walk for some beer outside on Monday. Should I be concerned that most of my bike rides or walks end in either ice cream or beer? Naw, I think that's what summer is all about!

Urban Outfitters Head Wrap // Gap Shorts // Converse Sneakers // Heartbreaker Shirt // Marc Jacobs Clutch // Ray Ban Sunglasses

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks!!! I think it was under the turban section at Urban :) ha

  2. I love the headband!! That is a perfect little summer accessory!

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