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All photos + Rights of Andrew Olson

Although engagement pictures are not a totally necessary part of getting married, they really are great. Our good friend Andrew is a pro, and I loved the idea of having some photos of our everyday. I wanted to share with you all a variety of some of our favorites,and talk to you about what to wear. I really struggled with what kind of outfit to wear for something like this. I felt like I was supposed to be somewhat classic, although I didn't want to hide the real me. I feel like there are so many "rules" that I don't agree with for photography. For example, I have heard opinions against wearing prints, but I love that Ben wore this gingham to balance out my solid top. Like I said, I wanted to be somewhat classic... but I couldn't resist a basic shirt with a little twist. I think this J.Crew tank was a good balance for me. I also like the idea of doing two different outfits (or more!) that give off different vibes. I wore a simple tee from American Apparel with a striped yellow skirt for a more playful look. I had another outfit packed that was a bit more formal, but this look felt more like us and right in the moment. So, I guess the moral is... there aren't really that many rules! Do what feels right and what feels truly like you. 

THANK YOU x10000 to Andrew Olson for all the beautiful photos! You rock!

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  1. These photos are so adorable! Congrats to you both! When is the big day?!

    1. thank you, Rachel!
      Not until June 2015 :) Still a bit away but SO excited!