how to: wax your jacket.

6:00 AM

Sometimes Ben comes home with projects. This one in particular sparked my interest as it involved clothing and changing a surface texture. He picked up Otter Wax Fabric Dressing online with hopes of taking his $39.95 H&M Jacket into a Belstaff look-a-like. The results were good, but not up to par with the quality of a Belstaff Jacket. This was expected, as a jar of this handy wax is only $19.95. I will say, however, that the results were still good and a it was a great DIY activity. 

Here's the steps we took to take his cotton jacket into a waxy finish:

Step 1. Heat up the Wax
Boil water on the stove and set wax tin container in the water. 180 degrees is an ideal temperature to keep wax a liquid and spreadable substance.

Step 2. Paint onto Fabric
Take a paint brush (preferably larger to cover more ground) and paint wax onto surface.

Step 3. Heat Set Wax
First trial for heat setting the wax was with an industrial heat gun. This seemed too hot and almost evaporated the wax from the coat. Switched to a hairdyer and it did the trick! Move over wax in even motions with hair dryer until it appears almost wet again.

Step 4: Even out Surface
While still hot from Step 3, press wax into the fabric with a cloth to cover all seams and tricky corners. Remove extra build up and make sure all surfaces appear even.

Step 5: ENJOY! (in the rain!!!)

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  1. I think it looks great! definitely better than the $1k + from Belstaff!

    1. It finished very nice, and a fun project!! However, the Belstaff quality/finish is miles above the DIY.
      -Otter Wax: rough woodsy feel that grows with use.
      -Bestaff: clean, smooth, and durable (much heavier canvas)
      Much more waterproof, stayed dry in huge rain storm.

  2. About waxing your jacket whatever you have shared here seems to me sound like very wonderful and I really like to read in such beautiful allocation :) Thanks