getting older.

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I've been thinking I should take some strides towards being an adult. I mean, it's clear I already am one, but sometimes I forget.. and I mean a REAL adult. Let's not get carried away, I'm talking about the fun kind. I'm just sayin', there are things you to start to realize with age. Some things as of late:

1. Skin Care:
I was really bad at actually fully washing my face before bed, but rumor has it I could age quicker or something so let's jump on that. Some Almay products I like: these are good to get all the mascara off your eyes, and I've also liked these. For face lotion, I swear by St. Ives Timeless Skin Lotion.

2.Matching Pajamas:
Make fun of me if you want, but recently I bought two different pajama sets. The first thing I want to do when I come home from work is change into more comfortable clothes, and I decided it was time to look cute and not sloppy. This also falls into line with something else that I've realized with age.. I need sleep. Getting a good amount of hours in each night really makes a difference in your performance and overall mood the following day.

3. Caring about Good Food:
In college, I'm pretty sure my diet consisted of everything bagels and macaroni and cheese. It is sometimes hard to wrap your head around spending that extra dollar for good vegetables or grass fed meats. But suddenly, it's worth it. You feel better and stronger while eating right and realize your body isn't the same it used to be. Eating good and taking care of yourself is so important to keep you young, healthy, and happy.

4. Spring Cleaning:
I have gotten into the routine of cleaning out my closet after every season. Slowly weeding out crappy shoes and pilling sweaters. My biggest thing I've realized lately is how short some of my dresses are. It's important to keep some of these for events and parties where you can sass it up, however you need to know the right place and time. If you work in an office setting, showing too much leg will not get you that promotion... but in fact will do the opposite. As you grow older, you learn more about how to dress yourself in a flattering and appropriate way.

Photo Credit: Pajamas // Lotion // Veggies // Jeans

Anything you have noticed comes with age?

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  1. Becoming an adult is so difficult, but I think these four steps are key! Now I gotta get me some pajamas to cuddle into this summer.

  2. I LOVE that very style of jammies. I would, I'm 30 years old :) Great post!

    1. I am loving those too!! Getting older is great, and I think you mean 30 years young ;)