stripe maxi.

6:00 AM

I am not too thrilled about the fact that it's windy and I'm still wearing scarves, but the snow is gone so I won't complain. I scored this maxi dress at Forever 21 during a sale and it was stupid cheap. I almost feel guilty shopping there sometimes because of the low prices, but it is such an amazing store for fast fashion or trend pieces. Ben and I snapped these pictures on the way to dinner at a hole-in-the-wall Mediterranean restaurant we found. One of our goals in moving to a new place was to try as many restaurants as possible. Madison has a pretty great local cuisine.. with lots of support for Wisconsin farms. It's almost farmer's market time too, which means I need to get some new recipe ideas from my friends at Kitchenblend!

Forever 21 Maxi // Deena & Ozzy Shoes // Urban Outfitters Scarf // Kate Spade Watch // Forever 21 Necklace

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  1. This maxi is absolutely gorgeous! Love it!

  2. Was it Med Caf downtown?? I've had a friend telling me to try it forever.

    1. No! It was really small- called The Nile :
      I will have to check out Med Caf though yummm

  3. I'm so jealous of your maxi wearing abilities! Also, where did you go to Mediterranean?! and do they have tzatziki sauce ? :)

  4. Just stumbled across your blog, really loving your recent outfits xx