fringe kimono.

6:00 AM

YES, I am so excited about this fringe kimono! Oops, I sound nuts. But a good find at Marshall's can do that to a person. I was searching for a kimono of sorts before our trip to Thailand, but not many were out in stores (dang you Midwest). They are now in full force and I keep seeing them everywhere I look. They are the perfect cool and casual look I am loving right now. I wore this out to dinner with Ben this week (shocking, trying another restaurant... I swear we cook lots.) exploring a little closer to our new future apartment! Not much out of the way of our current place, but still excited to mix it up a bit. They allow dogs too, which got me way too deep into petfinder last night. So many animals to be rescued it makes me feel like I could become that crazy woman who suddenly has 10 puppies and whose friends submit to be on an episode of animal hoarders. For now, I'll just try and focus on our new apartment. Happy Thursday!

Rumors Kimono (Marshalls) // BDG Jeans // Lucky Brand Wedges // Vintage Necklace // H&M Earrings

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