cocktails on patios.

6:00 AM

I'm a little off on my posts this week, sorry friends! I blame the fresh spring air and crazy fellow Midwesterners busting shorts out of hiding for all to see our glowing pale legs. WE ARE READY. This weekend was kicked off with a night filled cocktails, friends, and a grill. I've realized that might be my favorite activity in the summer... finding somewhere new to eat and drink on a patio somewhere. Hey, can you blame me?

With taking some time off this week I've been thinking a lot about my blog. I'm creeping up on Lady Jane's one year anniversary and I've realized that I don't share a lot about who I really am. It took me a while to get comfortable with putting myself out there completely with photographs, it's a scary (online) world out there! When I look at previous posts, there isn't any content based about how I enjoy spending my time. Of course how I dress is a part of getting ready for these activities I enjoy, but it's not all I got folks!

I won't say much about this look today- other than (AH!) this purse! Not to sound like a big lady, but I am always searching for the perfect purse and it doesn't seem to exist. This might be it, you guys. It's nylon so it's wipe-able, actually fully closes, isn't huge and heavy, and sits nicely on my side out of the way. Also, I got in on sale AND scored cash back with ebates. Thanks to my friend, Krista, I have discovered this magical site that helps you score cash on your online purchases. Right now Norstrom is offering 9% cash back (SCORE)...Check out EBATES here!

 Forever 21 Dress // Theory Tank // Kate Spade Watch // Zara Shoes // H&M Sunglasses // Old Navy Jacket// Marc Jacobs Bag

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