how to: style your oxford.

6:00 AM

Hi friends! As i was running late for work the other morning, I threw on one of my favorite staple pieces... my gingham oxford. I didn't really do much with it at first, but when I got to work I made some tweaks. It got me thinking about how you really need to style your button down shirts. Just leaving it un-tucked, not-rolled, no jewels can really downgrade the look. By simply cuffing your sleeves slightly or buttoning it fully up and adding a necklace over top, you can completely change the look. It is a very versatile item to have in your closet (must be why men have so many!).

Also, I've seen this posted so many times... but it's a great tutorial if you are looking how to roll your cuffs. I could not find the original source, but it this image was found here.

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  1. I love wearing oxfords! (And Carly at College Prep is the one who originated the picture!)