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 I don't really do posts on our home and lifestyle, and I'm not quite sure why not! Style isn't something that only should be shown through your clothing, and home decor is a great place to express your taste. It definitely can become a more expensive hobby than buying a new shirt, but then again, all is fine in moderation. I really enjoy the little details that can really make a house a home. We have a lot of pieces that have sentimental value or are found at estate sales. I find a good mix of old and new to be important to making your space your own.

I took this pictures for my good friend, Lauren, to be featured in LPF Magazine discussing combining feminine and masculine taste in home decor. Things have changed in our place since these were taken, it should be an ever evolving experience in my opinion. We are going to start looking for a new apartment soon, I get antsy to mix it up a bit!

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