6:00 AM

I was pretty seriously regretting my choice to start a fashion blog in the Midwest when we were shooting these pictures. It was SO cold this weekend and I was wearing what I thought would keep me comfortable enough, but I was seriously mistaken. I don't want to be that big complainer all the time, but I just wish I was sharing more smiles and less crossed arms in my photos! I'm trying to be all, "what's that over there?" so you don't see my fake painful smile and breath hovering in the frigid air. That's enough rambling though, thanks for listening. I just wanted to express my thanks for sticking with me through the outfit posts in these winter months!

*Also, this jacket. Yes, I have it in two colors. Ben got this navy colorway for me this Christmas (trying to distract me from the fact that he was about to propose.. it worked) and I love it just as much as the army green. Serious staple piece for your wardrobe. 

Lands' End Rainboots // Gap Jeans // Lands' End Flannel // J.Crew Jacket // Vintage Hat // Warby Parker Glasses

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  1. I've been stalking your blog, & I'm in love with it! I have some serious style envy! Your clothes are beautiful! I'm excited to continue following! I love your home style too! Gorgeous girl!!

    Xo, Meghan McDowell

    1. Hey Meghan!! Thanks, love!! Love your blog as well :)
      Hope to see you around the Midwest sometime soon!