spring trends.

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Trend recaps, although relevant, sometimes take me a couple days to fully dive into and evaluate. Even though Spring reports have been out for a bit, it's hard to accept that warmer months are upon us right now. Since I have high hopes for 40 degree days this week (whoa there heat wave!), let's discuss. I would also like to throw out there an overall reminder about these trends for Spring. Not every trend needs to be taken 100% literally...note that moderation is always key. Here are some of my favorite Spring trends listed from Style.com:

International Geographic
I love bright prints in the Spring and Summertime, and this is an easy trend to incorporate into your wardrobe.  Black and white is always safe, and the geo prints add an extra punch to your outfit. I encourage bright colors like on this swimsuit from Forever 21.

Show your Metal
If a full liquid gold outfit isn't quite up your alley, then I would recommend trying to ease into this bold trend. I love these pants from ASOS, and when paired with something simple like a black tee it completes the look. Foil printing or a simple stripe is a perfect pop of shiny luxe.

Sports Night
 Via Atlantic Pacific // Mesh Tee // Track Jacket
This has got to be the best and easiest trend to incorporate into your lifestyle. Sneakers?! Come on. Technical mesh details and track jackets are definitely on my wish list.

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