6:00 AM

This weekend sprouted a little bit of sunshine! I can't explain how antsy I am to run out the door with no coat on, it just sounds glorious. I wonder if I didn't live here if I would get sick of wearing the same thing all year. In the spirit of being optimistic, I do enjoy that we get to switch up our wardrobes per season. It keeps it quite interesting and gets me re-excited about fashion every time we get to change it up. If only the seasons were a little shorter (annnd optimism fail)! Anyway, I love adding a hint of color with my lipstick and these photos don't do it justice.  I'm wearing Fuschia Fusion by Revlon. If you are looking for a lipstick with great color options that won't break the bank, Revlon is my top pick. My other favorite shades are Stormy Pink and Love that Red. 

H&M Coat // TJ Maxx Shirt // Joes Jeans // H&M Boots // Ray Bans

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