6:00 AM

I won't lie to you.. I'm pretty cold. I just can't deal with the coats any more!!! Alright, I'm being dramatic. But after looking back at recent posts, I realized they mostly consisted of me wandering around in every kind of jacket I could dig out of my closet. However, I guess that's how life in the Midwest is right now.  My friend Lauren (who took these lovely photos) moved here from a far away land named Florida...where instead of coats, she collected swimsuits! Soon, folks... we are almost there. For now, just continue using the hashtag apparently dedicated to this awesomeness (Can someone teach me to be better at hashtags?!). #polarvortex

P.S. These flocked trousers from the Anthropologie sale rack are worth the trip out in the snow. Just sayin- they fit like a gem.

Anthropologie Trousers // J.Crew Shirt // Forever 21 Shoes // Anthropologie Necklace (old) // Ray Ban Sunglasses

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  1. it's so true/sad! i really did have a massive swimsuit collection that goes unused now! :( you are rocking those short sleeves in the cold though!

    also, can totes help you on the hashtag questions on my post!