6:00 AM

Aldo Shoes // Cynthia Rae Pants // H&M Shirt // Big Budha Purse (similar) // Kate Spade Watch (white) // Vintage Cape

I love a good vintage find, but even more when it comes from family. This cape was my grandmothers, and I can't get enough of it! It came with an amazing matching pencil skirt that I can barely fit my booty into, but it's a great set. I feel so lucky to have this timeless piece... my Grandmother had great taste. Do you have any great vintage finds? I feel like the workmanship can be so amazing in some older garments. Pretty sure a lot of my clothes won't stand the test of time, but I do hope that some day I can pass some gems to future generations!

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  1. That cape is making me drool. A good family vintage find is always amazing!