work on a budget.

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work on a budget.

work on a budget. by theladyjaneblog featuring a black stretch bracelet

This week I was very kindly asked to talk about how to dress for work (for less) for Brightpeak financial. It got me thinking about how much people spend on their work attire. It really depends on your work environment, but women don't need to buy expensive suits and slacks to look nice. Although the post was focused on an entire outfit under $100 (found here), I wanted to talk about a couple more investment pieces as well. Here are some of my outfit ideas (every piece is under $100-still not breaking the bank!) for the workplace. This is a good way to build your wardrobe with staple and key items. You can make multiple outfits from each of these pieces. Try the blazer with the button down and black pants... the cardigan over the polka dots.. the list goes on! 
Happy work week!

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