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Levi Jeans // J.Crew jacket // Lands' End Canvas shirt // Kate Spade watch // J.Crew Factory necklace // Ray Ban sunglasses // Veronica Slouch Boots

Confession: I have been practically living in this jacket. I was eying it up for a long time, hoping it would go on sale. Right before our trip to Nantucket, I got lucky and the entire store had a 30% off deal. Sold. Although it was definitely still an investment piece, it has already paid for itself. I highly recommend this staple jacket. Another confession- I have been wearing this outfit (or version of) for the past two weekends already. Boots, jeans, and this jacket might just be my fall uniform. Tell me if you get sick of it. 

I jazzed this outfit up with a necklace from J.Crew factory (already sold out, booo!). I was trying to figure out when I became so into sparkles and diamonds (pronounced DEE-A-MOE-NDS). My friend Lauren thinks it was heightened when I started developing little girl's accessories for my job. She could be right. She is also the one who gave me the challenge of not buying any new clothes until my trip in October-I slipped up on this necklace, can you blame me?

Also, fun tip. Amazon+boots= happy Emily. Actually anything on Amazon is probably a good idea if you are looking for a deal. I pride myself in really shopping around and getting the best deal I can on clothes. I finally took my own advice and bought boots off season too. There is always a sale happening somewhere, you just have to keep your eyes open! Also, sign up for Shop it to Me. It pulls all your favorite brands and stores into one personalized email notifying you of sales. If you love shopping, but don't want to break the bank... I recommend it.

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  1. Maybe it's sacrilege to say on a style blog, but ain't no shame in wearing a uniform! I say rock what you love while you love it. That's what makes it part of your style. Love that jacket with the glitzy necklace!

    1. Oh no, I agree! Wear what you love and what is comfortable :)
      Thanks for your comment!!

  2. I tried this jacket on a few weeks back! SO pretty. :) definitely a worthy investment

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! Thanks for checking out the blog :)