6:00 AM

BDG Jeans // Target shoes // Lands' End belt // Dad's Vintage watch // Lands' End Canvas shirt // Estate Sale necklaces+ J.Crew // Warby Parker glasses

I remember my first pair of glasses. Fourth grade... pink with purple polka dots= straight awesome. Hopefully, these are a slight upgrade. I love Warby Parker and the entire concept of their company. For being almost legally blind, I know it's not always a fun process to get new glasses...but Warby Parker is the most fun I've had! If you are lucky enough to be blessed with the gift of sight (jealous), make sure you check out the sunglasses as well. 

Tried this classic look with a little bit of flare with my accessories. Try layering necklaces for something new, my friend Marissa is a pro at layering jewels. Chains and pearls are an easy way to start!

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