saturday shops: BIRCHBOX

8:02 AM

I am starting a new segment of the blog today: Saturday Shops! There are so many amazing, unique, & new brands that deserve that extra awareness and love. I'm starting out with a large brand that is growing daily... Birchbox.


This past Christmas, my boyfriend's sister heard me complaining about my lack of skills in the makeup world. Some people just have that natural knack, but I am not one of them! She signed me up for a subscription to Birchbox as my Christmas present (such a great gift!). What is Birchbox, you ask? I'll tell you!



Birchbox is a company that works together with a large variety of major beauty and cosmetic brands to bring you your perfect combination of new products to try! First, you fill out your personal profile. Here you describe a little bit about yourself- your skin type, hair type, preferences, age, etc. Birchbox takes this information and sends you a package ONCE A MONTH! So exciting to get a little package in the mail every month filled with goodies. It's the gift that keeps on giving.


Some of my favorite items:

I normally use Baby Powder to replace my dry shampoo, but this product sold me. Very light with a refreshing and not overpowering scent.
I've been thinking that I should get started on taking care of early wrinkles- they say you should start young! This product is just the ticket.
Yup, that's what it's called. This stuff is ridiculously awesome- no more chapped lips!
How cute is that?! Just a little Madewell flare added to necessary nail care.
Do you have any favorite brands/ companies/ shops?! Let me know!

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