saturday shops: ALEXIS BITTAR

8:00 AM

saturday shops: ALEXIS BITTAR

saturday shops: ALEXIS BITTAR by theladyjaneblog featuring yellow gold jewelry

Holy buckets. How awesome is this jewelry!? My friend Marissa sent me his website, and it's just too good not to talk about. I'm sure I'm behind the ball on this and you know ALL about it, but let's discuss. Alexis Bittar.

One of my favorite places to add flare to an outfit is with jewelry. It doesn't seem like such a big commitment to buy, and they can completely refresh your look. With jewels like these, you can invest and pass down throughout generations. All of Alexis Bittar's peices are like a work of art- it's impossible to pick just one favorite.

They are having a sale right now, make sure to check it out. We got our friend Lauren some earrings from the collection for her birthday this week, hope she loves them!

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