gold chains& denim vests.

6:00 AM

Urban Outfitters denim vest // Lands' End Canvas chinos // Max & Chloe monogram necklace // Chicos necklace // Michael Kors watch // Ray Ban erika sunglasses
Ben and I joined some of his coworkers for a taco night this week! I love the idea of a big group of people getting together and sharing one fantastic meal. I got this denim vest this past weekend and thought it was the perfect thing to throw on for a casual evening (street sale at Urban for 50% off sale prices! Amazing.). Urban Outfitters definitely has been channeling my inner 90's kid lately. I felt that it needed some jewelry and a belt, however, to make sure not to relive my embarrassing and dorky side of the 90's. I was a little nervous that my chainz (spelled with a z) would probably intimidate our new friends and trick them into thinking I was pretty hardcore. I guess not.


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  2. OOH love the necklace. you are cool.

  3. Lovin the vest lady! So much cooler than the one I have :)