pattern pants.

6:11 AM

Urban Outfitters pants // Forever 21 shoes // Lands' End belt //Anthropologie bracelet // Max& Chloe Monogram necklace //Tiffany Bracelet

Would you look at that! I'm a giant. Putting my hair in my I'm-lazy-but-am-still-classy bun and wearing my highest wedges makes me so tall I make people uncomfortable. Oh well. These shoes were a steal and actually so comfortable- they have turned into my go-to for lazy mornings when I still want to look put together (same with the hair.. lazy seems to be the trend today).

Anyways... I'm rambling. These pants! I keep buying patterned pants when I probably should be buying jeans.. But that's not as fun, right? You have to be careful to keep the rest of your outfit pretty simple if you go with a print like these. Nudes and whites freshens it up a bit! Oh, and a cateye frame seems to fit well with the high waist.

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