fringe kimono.

Rumors Kimono (Marshalls) // BDG Jeans // Lucky Brand Wedges // Vintage Necklace // H&M Earrings

YES, I am so excited about this fringe kimono! Oops, I sound nuts. But a good find at Marshall's can do that to a person. I was searching for a kimono of sorts before our trip to Thailand, but not many were out in stores (dang you Midwest). They are now in full force and I keep seeing them everywhere I look. They are the perfect cool and casual look I am loving right now. I wore this out to dinner with Ben this week (shocking, trying another restaurant... I swear we cook lots.) exploring a little closer to our new future apartment! Not much out of the way of our current place, but still excited to mix it up a bit. They allow dogs too, which got me way too deep into petfinder last night. So many animals to be rescued it makes me feel like I could become that crazy woman who suddenly has 10 puppies and whose friends submit to be on an episode of animal hoarders. For now, I'll just try and focus on our new apartment. Happy Thursday!

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H&M Dress // Vintage Scarf // Charming Charlie Bracelet // Franco Sarto Shoes // Michael Kors Watch (MK5166)  // Stormy Pink Lipstick: Revlon

Was feeling so summery this weekend! I packed this dress doubting I would be able to wear it over Easter (based on the fact that it snowed the same week in Minnesota), but I was pleasantly surprised. 

Not much to chit chat about today, but I will leave you with this gem. Thanks to my friend, Marissa... I am now obsessed with Iggy Azalea.  You're welcome.. hope you're feelin' fancy.

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stripe maxi.

Forever 21 Maxi // Deena & Ozzy Shoes // Urban Outfitters Scarf // Kate Spade Watch // Forever 21 Necklace

I am not too thrilled about the fact that it's windy and I'm still wearing scarves, but the snow is gone so I won't complain. I scored this maxi dress at Forever 21 during a sale and it was stupid cheap. I almost feel guilty shopping there sometimes because of the low prices, but it is such an amazing store for fast fashion or trend pieces. Ben and I snapped these pictures on the way to dinner at a hole-in-the-wall Mediterranean restaurant we found. One of our goals in moving to a new place was to try as many restaurants as possible. Madison has a pretty great local cuisine.. with lots of support for Wisconsin farms. It's almost farmer's market time too, which means I need to get some new recipe ideas from my friends at Kitchenblend!

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las vegas.

Vintage Suitcase // Levi's Denim Short // J.Crew Passport Holder (similar)// Forever 21 Tank // Ray Ban Erika Sunglasses // Casio Watch // Lands' End Panama Hat // Canon Camera
I am beyond excited for an upcoming trip with my favorite ladies to (you guessed it)... LAS VEGAS. Our lovely and hilarious friend Jamie is getting married, so where else would we celebrate? I'm pretty excited to do the good 'ole fashion Bachelorette party in the city that never sleeps. Jamie is the perfect person to celebrate here, never a dull moment with that one. I have been trying to think of outfits to pack that encompass all that Vegas truly embodies. I also am aware that I am not 21 anymore, and there is a way to look sexy and not slutty. I put together a inspiration board to get some ideas flowing. There are a couple pieces I feel are key for packing for a warm weather vacation. Great sunglasses, shorts, sandals, stylish heels, colorful swimsuit, light jacket, jeans, statement necklace, and a casual and formal dress. I think when going somewhere like Vegas, it's okay to add a little extra flare. Better get packin'!

Swimsuit // Etsy Print Las Vegas // Showgirls (December ‘59 issue of ‘NUGGET’ magazine) // Balmain Dress

I tried to find credit for all pictures, I really did! With Pinterest, it can be really difficult.
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cocktails on patios.

 Forever 21 Dress // Theory Tank // Kate Spade Watch // Zara Shoes // H&M Sunglasses // Old Navy Jacket// Marc Jacobs Bag

I'm a little off on my posts this week, sorry friends! I blame the fresh spring air and crazy fellow Midwesterners busting shorts out of hiding for all to see our glowing pale legs. WE ARE READY. This weekend was kicked off with a night filled cocktails, friends, and a grill. I've realized that might be my favorite activity in the summer... finding somewhere new to eat and drink on a patio somewhere. Hey, can you blame me?

With taking some time off this week I've been thinking a lot about my blog. I'm creeping up on Lady Jane's one year anniversary and I've realized that I don't share a lot about who I really am. It took me a while to get comfortable with putting myself out there completely with photographs, it's a scary (online) world out there! When I look at previous posts, there isn't any content based about how I enjoy spending my time. Of course how I dress is a part of getting ready for these activities I enjoy, but it's not all I got folks!

I won't say much about this look today- other than (AH!) this purse! Not to sound like a big lady, but I am always searching for the perfect purse and it doesn't seem to exist. This might be it, you guys. It's nylon so it's wipe-able, actually fully closes, isn't huge and heavy, and sits nicely on my side out of the way. Also, I got in on sale AND scored cash back with ebates. Thanks to my friend, Krista, I have discovered this magical site that helps you score cash on your online purchases. Right now Norstrom is offering 9% cash back (SCORE)...Check out EBATES here!

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