nordstrom anniversary sale.

Nordstrom Sale

Nordstrom Sale by theladyjaneblog

Welp, if you hadn't noticed, Nordstrom is having their anniversary sale. GET AT ME. The last day for the sale is August 3rd, so make sure to get your goods. I might have treated myself to a little birthday gift (that's allowed, yeah?) ..the sale was too tempting. Above are some of my favorite picks from a variety of different categories. The best thing about this sale? If you sign up for ebates here, you get 10% cash back right now. WHOA. What are some of your must haves right now?
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red head.

Urban Outfitters Head Wrap // Gap Shorts // Converse Sneakers // Heartbreaker Shirt // Marc Jacobs Clutch // Ray Ban Sunglasses

Well jeesh, birthdays sure are fun! A package arrived at my doorstep from my sister with this lovely Marc Jacobs clutch. What a great treat to receive... a definite staple piece for my wardrobe.  I grabbed this for a quick walk for some beer outside on Monday. Should I be concerned that most of my bike rides or walks end in either ice cream or beer? Naw, I think that's what summer is all about!

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light + bright.

BDG Jeans // Michael Kors Watch // Michael Kors Purse // Theory Tank // J.Crew Shirt // Coconuts Shoes // Max & Chloe Monogram Necklace 

It was the perfect night to be enjoyed outside. Ben and I met up with our friend Kristen (and her dog, Sir Duncan) for some dinner at some food trucks! Empanadas, tacos, and pork sliders were some of our foods of choice. A couple scoops of doggy ice cream later, we had a pretty nice evening outside. I wore this comfortable look and was loving the light colors. This color scheme reminds me of my friend Kori.. she is the queen of bright, light colors and tans. I also love the look of accenting with gold jewelry to tie this look together.

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new home.

new home.

new home. by theladyjaneblog

The bad thing about moving...packing. The great thing about moving... redecorating! Ben and I are moving into a new apartment at the beginning of August, and all I want to do is get rid of things right now. I'm excited to have a fresh start at a new place, and I keep perusing home websites for some new goodies. Some of my favorites right now are CB2, West Elm, and Ikea. Living in an apartment makes you focus on home decor as you can't change structural things about your space. Great new artwork and bright pillows are on my list!

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J.Crew Factory Earrings // Levi Jeans // Zigi Soho Wedges // H&M Tank // Ray Ban Sunglasses

I have always loved big earrings. Well, actually...I guess I love most statement jewelry in general so this is not a surprise. J.Crew Factory is having (yet another) sale so I couldn't pass these up. They are just the right amount of heavy too. I have always had a fear of growing old and having saggy earlobes. There was a lady at my church when I was a little girl that had had a ripped earlobe and it seriously still haunts me. She still wore a huge earring in the other ear though...just no fear- she obviously still wanted to make a statement!

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