labor day sales.

Lucky you! You get an extra long weekend AND lots of sales at your favorite retailers. Sounds like a nice weekend to me!

After perusing the sales for the weekend, here are some places you might just want to hit up to get your save on:

40% OFF

50% OFF

SHOPBOP: savings up to 70% off
NORDSTROM: up to 40% off
CLUB MONACO: 50% off clearance items
ANTHROPOLOGIE: extra 20% off clearance
BLOOMINGDALES: extra 20% off sale
J.CREW: extra 40% off sale
MADEWELL: extra 30% off sale

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Happy Shopping!

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This last weekend I was lucky enough to be called a bridesmaid in my (future) sister-in-law's wedding. She's a real gem and let us pick out our own bridesmaid dresses, which is seriously ideal. As soon as I saw this Lace collection for bridesmaid dress options at J.Crew, I was sold. The Pamela dress was my perfect fit- just the right length and a beautiful material. I truly couldn't wait to wear it to this wedding just so I could wear it again. J.Crew is somewhere I'm thinking for my own bridesmaids... but I love how all our dresses coordinated for my sister's as well. It's such an updated look to allow your bridesmaids to chose, and it adds a bit more flair and personality to it as well. She had us all wear the same shoes and earrings, which really tied it all together. I picked some of my favorite lace options below. Also, I've said it once and I'll say it again.. WAIT for the sales if possible.

J.Crew Lace Bridesmaids


painted lace.

Francesca's Shirt // Zara Shoes // BDG Jeans

I don't always expect the times that people will approve of an outfit I'm wearing. It really comes when I least expect it... like with this number. I haven't gotten so many compliments on a piece of clothing in awhile... today, that was this shirt! I picked up this little gem at Francesca's a year or so back, loving the details of this upgraded version of one of my favorite fabrics. Everyone has to have those days where you are just on point with your peers, am I right?! Do you have a go-to piece?
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tees + slip ons.

tees, jeans, and slip ons

tees, jeans, and slip ons by theladyjaneblog

There are a lot of trends that pop up that make me feel very indecisive. Most of them have to do with any sort of remnant of my embarrassing childhood. Lately aanything that is just a bit too 90's doesn't really fly with me. I recently was reviewing a trend report for Fall with images of choker necklaces. CHOKERS, PEOPLE. Like the ones that are supposed to look like tattoos. No, thanks. I have been, however, on a hunt for some good comfy graphic tees and a pair of slip on sneaks. The slip on shoes took me a minute, I won't lie... the only thing I could picture for a while was myself in high school with checkered imitation Vans. But there is a new take on these comfy kicks. I like the quilted and cheetah options from Steve Madden. Oh, and these classic keds are a solid option too (Remember Mischa Barton's Keds campaign? Ah, the good ole days).

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American Apparel Jumpsuit (similar here) // Anthropologie Bracelets // Michael Kors Watch // Zara Heels // Jewelmint Necklace

I bought this jumpsuit years ago, right after we graduated college and my friend Lauren got a job at American Apparel and started wearing lots of sheer things (we all have phases). It's wild to me that I could go on their website today and find them carrying the exact same silhouette of this jumpsuit (Granted it is mesh, so it's not quite as tame as this jersey option. I remember visiting Lauren at work and one of her co-workers wearing that same mesh material in shirt form... with no bra. To each their own, right?). When you work at a retailer for long enough, you start to completely change your wardrobe and gravitate towards the clothes you sell. It's easy enough to do... and understandable if you get a discount! My friend Kori has been feeling that recently about her clothes, but she works for Anthropologie so she always looks adorable and I have little sympathy. Speaking of Anthropologie, how great are these bracelets? I love how delicate and pretty they are. Anyways, I'm rambling. Happy Tuesday!

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